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Joshua Reed

God’s Open Window

From the desk of a Youth Pastor, Have you ever noticed the way we made our resolutions a month ago? We get really worked up about it and swear this year will be different. Well January is gone and February is here. What about your resolutions are they here also or did you give up.…

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A peaceful thought

By Pastor Joshua Reed It was funny the other day as I was working at Walmart. I realized after lunch how quiet it was in the store. No little kids yelling or screaming and it was peaceful. It reminded me of going on vacation with just my wife. There also were no kids anywhere around…

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Fan or follower?

By Pastor Joshua Reed Recently I attended the community youth outing and saw a baseball game. I love watching baseball live, anticipating if the batter will get a hit or strike out. Which team will work harder to win that game? What amazing plays will I see on the field. Thinking someday these boys might…

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On the Mountain Top

By Pastor Joshua Reed Have you ever felt like you wanted to be closer to God? As if where you are right now is so far away. Have you not felt God’s presence in a while? Do you feel all alone in this world even in a crowded room? This is something we all struggle…

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