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Chrisman School Board plans for end of the year

The Chrisman School District held their monthly meeting on May 12, 2022. The meeting began with approval of the previous meeting minutes that included the E-Learning plan. Treasurer’s Report, along with imprest fund reimbursement in the amount of $4,199.96 was also approved. Recent events at the Elementary School included Teacher Appreciation Week that took place…

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Chrisman Public Library holds board meetings

The Chrisman Public Library Board held their monthly meeting on February 10th with six members present and three absent. The meeting began with the approval of the December meeting minutes. Due to the cancellation of the January meeting, both the December and January Bookkeeper’s reports were reviewed. A motion was made to accept the report…

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Chrisman Library Board Meets

The Chrisman Public Library Board met on December 9th. Statistics for November was two-hundred and ninety items loaned to patrons. Two hundred and thirty-nine items loaned to libraries. A total of eighty items were borrowed from other libraries. One hundred and thirty-five new items were cataloged, twenty-five electronic books and ten Internet user sessions. A…

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Chrisman Library Board holds meeting

The Chrisman Library Board met on September 9th. The statistics for August 2021 were presented as three hundred sixty four items loaned to patrons. One hundred fifty three new items cataloged. Two hundred seventy nine items loaned to other libraries. Ninety three items borrowed from other libraries. Twenty six electronic books and twelve internet user…

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