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Chrisman Library News

The Library became a “slumber party” for 20 stuffed animals – Hank, Porter, Bear Bear, Smoky, Pinky Pie, Penny, Chompy, Rexy, Susie, Tyrone, Bowser, Fluffy Kitty, Puppy, Cambry, Max, Grinch, Henry, Whiskers, Rainbow, and Tigey! The 20 children brought their “pets” to the Library Friday night and made name tags, sleep masks and blankets for their animals. The children left, after saying “Good Night” and even more fun continued! There was a special visitor, Santa Claus, who came and read a story “The Stuffed Animals Get Ready For Bed”, by Alison Inches, and oversaw the animals putting together a puzzle. No pieces were missing! Santa also took the children’s letters back to the North Pole with him! The animals roasted marshmallows, some climbed the “porch” as the others watched and were ready to rescue those who climbed! Fun made them all hungry and Alex from Casey’s came to the rescue! After having full bellies, the animals all finally crashed and slept in the next morning!
The following morning, the children came to take their “pets” home, were given a boxed donut, juice, a candy cane that Santa had left for the animals, a pencil, stickers, the sleep masks, blankets and a photo album filled with photos from the sleepover. Smiles and happiness were all around!
The Library wants to thank all the helpers – Beth, Mary, Donna, Lori, Taylor, Kara, Terri, Steve, Grayson and Pat! The event wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without each and every one of them! There is also a photo album here in the Library for you to look at!
The Library has letters for Santa, which can be placed in the mailbox labeled “To Santa, North Pole”. The children may take them home to complete them and return them to the Library so we may get them to the Man in the Red Suit!
And please, check out the front of the Library windows as you drive by or stop in! Or check them out on the Library’s Facebook page. Lindsey Franz painted all the windows using a winter theme and with the twinkling lights and snowflakes, the windows look almost magical! Thank you, Lindsey Franz, for all your work! The Library appreciates your hard work and talent!

NEW EASY for kids
The blessings jar: a story about being thankful—Colleen Coble boardbook
Pop-up book about “America the Beautiful”: the famous song by Katharine Lee Bates
Please don’t step on me—Elly Kree George
Truck driver Tom—Monica Wellington
What a Mess!–Marc Tolon Brown
Buried treasure—Marc Tolon Brown
Let’s be polite—Cuddly Duck Productions
The foot book: Dr. Seuss’s wacky book of opposites boardbook
Big dog and little dog—P.D. Eastman

The brave—Nicholas Evans
Summer nights—Susan Mallery
Amagansett—Mark Mills
Walking to Gatlinburg—Howard Frank Mosher
The bachelor’s twins—Kathryn Springer
A Dry Creek courtship—Janet Tronstad
The maverick’s snowbound Christmas—Karen Rose Smith
Upon a midnight clear—Gail Gaymer Martin
A Texas rescue Christmas—Caro Carson
Her stolen son—Rita Herron
Christmas delivery—Patricia Rosemoor
Red River vengeance: a Perley Gates western—William W. Johnstone
Best-kept lies—Lisa Jackson

Readers’ Digest—The Echo Killing—Christi Daugherty; and The 2nd Chance Boutique—Louisa Leaman
Readers’ Digest—Noel Stranger—Richard Paul Evans; and The Light over London—Julia Kelly
Raiders of the Rio Grande—Bradford Scott
Collision of lies—Tom Threadgill

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