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Chrisman Library News

All the Halloween activities were blessed by nearly perfect weather. It makes things so much easier and better when the weather cooperates! Scare on the Square was enormously popular! Thank you to the many people who came out to tour the (creepy) attic! Lori, Rob, Toby, and Lori’s sister Beth, you are so imaginative, inventive, and patient! Thank you for creating such an amazing space.
Thanks to the many actors who were spooks and goblins and other scary creatures. Thanks to the board members who worked: Greg, Kyle, Loretta, Rick and our security guy Caleb.
It may sound a little odd, but we want to thank the plumbers who came out on Saturday afternoon to fix our broken bathrooms. When the great number of ghosts and monsters started using our facilities, they basically just quit working and that was a problem!
The Library Crawl is officially over now but you can still visit other libraries. Getting your passport stamped and being in the drawing is over, but it’s still fun to see what other towns have for their libraries. ALSO we still have some books to give away! I need to move them out in the next couple of weeks so we will be clear to decorate for Christmas. If you haven’t looked yet, you need to come pretty quickly.

A family-style Christmas—Carolyne Aasen
Gifts of Grace—Lynn Bulock
A stranger’s game—Colleen Coble
Her secret song—Mary Connealy
His holiday family—Margaret Daley
Catching the wind—Melanie Dobson
Danger on the mountain—Lynette Eason
The moonlight school—Suzanne Woods Fisher
The Christmas child—Linda Goodnight
Hearts evergreen—Robin Lee Hatcher
The rapture: in the twinkling of an eye—Tim LaHaye
Marked for Murder—Lauren Nichols
Under the midnight sun—Tracie Peterson
The Thanksgiving target—Laura Scott
What momma left behind—Cindy Sproles
There comes a season—Carol Steward
A Dry Creek Christmas—Janet Tronstad
Point of no return—Susan May Warren
Hidden in shadows—Hope White
Sleigh bell sweethearts—Teri Wilson
Christmas homecoming—Lenora Worth
A Texas soldier’s Christmas—Cathy Gillen Thacker

Bad move—Linwood Barclay
No second chance—Harlan Coben
Promise me—Harlan Coben
Engaged to die—Carolyn G. Hart
What the cat saw—Carolyn Hart
Maggie without a clue—Kasey Michaels
Murder takes a holiday
2 sisters detective agency—James Patterson
The 20th victim—James Patterson
The silent wife—Karin Slaughter
Choppy water—Stuart Woods
Class act—Stuart Woods

Rosetears: a journey of loving God, loving ourselves, and loving others—Theresa Prebilsky
Overhaul: an insider’s account of the Obama administration’s emergency rescue of the auto industry—Steven Rattner
The last stone—Mark Bowden
The 7-day back pain cure: how thousands of people got relief without doctors, drugs, surgery—Jesse Cannone
The super so fat, low fat, no fat cookbook—Betty Rohde
Richard Simmons’ farewell to fat cookbook—Richard Simmons
365 ways to cook chicken—Cheryl Sedaker
Full-court pressure: a year in Kentucky basketball
Carry the rock: race, football and the soul of an American city—Jay Jennings
The Mushroom lover’s mushroom cookbook and primer—Amy Farges

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