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Chrisman Library News

Cookbooks are in! If you missed purchasing a cookbook prior to Chrisman Days, we have them now! The cost is $10.00! We are still waiting on the Sesquicentennial Books and hope to have them in soon, as they were being reprinted last week. If you are interested in either or both, feel free to call us and we will put them away for you.
Chrisman Public Library is one of 125 libraries within the Illinois Heartland Library System participating in the 4th Annual Library Crawl, from October 1 – October 31.
This is our first year being involved and we are excited. There is an “Official Passport” that can be picked up and stamped here and allows you access to the other libraries participating and allows your passport to be filled in with library stamps. It will be fun to go to the other libraries to see the many interesting and beautiful buildings that house library collections throughout central and southern Illinois.
The libraries offer free mementos for the patrons involved in the “crawl” and in our case, we are giving each “traveler” a free book from our numerous collection. Last year, two patrons participated and visited the almost 80 involved libraries and came away with many mementos from their travels, from hand sanitizer, cookbooks, candy with clever sayings, bookmarks and such, and regaled us with their stories. It sounded like a wonderful time and that’s why we’re involved this year.
Since out-of-towners will be allowed a free book during the crawl, we would like to invite all our patrons to come in and find a book, perhaps one you’ve been wanting to read, and take it home. No due date involved! Our gift to you all who enjoy the Library and reading!
The Children’s Reading Program has been over for a while but the children still have packets waiting for them. We would like it if Anastasia, Josh, Kenny, Carter, Connor, Emma, Reece, and River would come in to take their reading packets home, we would greatly appreciate it. Or if Mom/Dad, Grandma/Grandpa would like to pick them up, that would be helpful.
The Adult Reading Program is still continuing through September 22, 2022 (first day of Fall). We have 9 in the program and they have read a total of 42 books thus far. Here are the latest reviews:
“Under the Northern Lights”, written by Tracie Peterson; review by J. The book is about “Capturing a criminal in Alaska.” J’s favorite part was “Jacob & living in Last Chance (a town).
“Looking for a Miracle”, Wanda Brunstetter, author; review by J. The book is about “A disabled Amish girl.” J’s favorite part: “When she realizes she can do almost anything.”
“The Last Good Man”, written by Kathleen Eagle, review by J. The book is about “A wounded woman, from cancer. J. favorite part is ”when she realizes she was whole.”
“A Merry Heart”, by Wanda Brunstetter; review by J. The book is about “An Amish girl.” J’s favorite part is when “Miriam finally realizes she loves her husband.”

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