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Chrisman Library News

Hats off to EVERYONE who contributed time and energy for a wonderful 150th Birthday Celebration for Chrisman! The weather was beautiful, with the exception of the last day but the previous three days were amazing! So many people and vendors! Fun was had by all! We’ve heard only positive comments, for which we are grateful!
Thank you to all who helped with the annual Library Book Sale! From the donators of books, to the helpers during the sale: FFA students and teacher, the three Mary’s and Pam! We could not have done it without all of you! And we could be remiss is we didn’t name you!
FFA Students: Morgan S., Bentley W., Garrett W., Grant W., Nic E., Reese A., Hana G., Samantha R., Jake G., Kolson O., Jude N., Makenzie M., Thomas M., Rachel N., Matthew N., Carter S., and of course, Ms. Honnold, the AG instructor! Thank you so much for hauling out all the boxes of books and placing them on the tables!
Helpers: Mary R., Pam, N., Mary F. and Mary M. We could not have done the book sale without you wonderful ladies!
Thank you to Donna Malone for creating the “Rocket Mobile” promoting “Reading is a Blast” for the Library! And thank you to Greg and Kyle Lientz for helping move the tables and display units inside the Library! The community came together for the Birthday Celebration and in helping with the Book Sale!
We also want to thank Billy Joe Moore for putting together the Tractor Show, between the post office and city office on both sides of the street. There were some old tractors up there, as well as new ones! The little farmers around town probably were in awe of them all! We also want to thank Billy Joe for continuing the “donation” tradition, which we understand started many years ago, by having a donation box stating that the donation benefits the Chrisman Public Library. The generosity of this town never ceases to amaze us.
The Adult Reading Program is still continuing through September 22, 2022 (first day of Fall). We have 9 in the program and they have read a total of 42 books thus far. Here are the latest reviews:
“Divine Vintage”, written by Sandra L. Young; review by N. The book is “…a tale of 2 intertwined romances – present day Tess & Trey and Edward & Phoebe Carver, circa 1913. It was believed that a crime of passion had led to the death of Phoebe at the hands of Edward. Tess & Trey become the mediums who experience flashes of the Carver’s pasts. The visions come from Phoebe’s diary. The book covers mystery, vintage clothing & ghostly apparitions. N’s favorite part is when “Tess & Trey have differing views about the visions they experience. That & past romances cause friction. But as they work out their issues, they learn to trust & rely on each other. It is a fun book to read.”
“Ugly Love”, Colleen Hoover, author; review by A. The books is about “A lady moved in with her brother temporarily. In the meantime, she meets a guy. He is very closed off and not willing to share his life. Come to find out he had a baby 6 years prior and the baby died.”
A’s favorite part: “I loved that he opened up and healed and they started a relationship that turned into a marriage.”
“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, written by Sherman Alexie, review by M.
M. writes “If you aren’t moved by this book, you’re not taking the stress living of a teenager growing up on a reservation seriously. Although the author is trying to be humorous in the telling of how a poor Spokane Indian boy transfers from his school on the Rez to an all white school, he also punches hard at the stereotypes society places on Native Americans and the problems within the reservations. There is much to consider in this titling.”
Scare on the Square had a float in the parade on Saturday, also! We saw a clown and scary people walking to help promote the spookiest haunted “house” in Chrisman! There is still a need for black duct tape and black plastic, so please, if you have any laying around not being used, please consider donating to the Scare on the Square and bringing it to the Library. We will see that it gets to the right people. Thank you, in advance!
Grant Ray, author of “All the Right People” and Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky, who wrote “Carrot the Parrot and the Island of Letting Go”, donated a few copies of their new books to the Library this past weekend. We have sent one of each to be cataloged within IHLS and have a couple for sale in the Library, $8.50 and $10.00, respectively.

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