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Chrisman Library News

HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY, CHRISMAN! Celebrate this special year by coming to the Library on Friday (9/9) and Saturday (9/10) for the used book sale! We are excited about the big selection we will have available for all readers: fiction for children and adults, non-fiction for the history buffs, gardeners, bakers, crafters, etc. We have a history display/timeline of the library in one of our windows and it will be displayed outside during the book fest! We will also have our extremely popular Chrisman Cookbook for sale along with the kid-designed bookmarks. Stop by and see us! On Saturday come meet Grant Ray who will be promoting his book “All the Right People”! The whole weekend will be a huge celebration for all!
Again, the Library has kid-designed bookmarks for sale that will be available at our “Book Sale” during Chrisman Days, as well as in the Library all other days. The cost of each bookmark is $1 and shows what Chrisman and reading means to these children. There were 4 children who submitted their drawings and they were all WINNERS in our “book”. They make great gifts!
“Love and Other Consolation Prizes” ,authored by Jamie Ford; review by B. The book is about “An elderly Eurasian man remembering his life from when he was raffled off at the Seattle 1909 World’s Fair to the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.” B “…enjoyed the history and the family secrets that are revealed.“
“The Wish”, written by Nicolas Sparks; review by K. The book is about “Maggie is a successful photographer who is dying of cancer. She tells the young gallery employee the story of her time as a pregnant teen in Okracoke, N.C. They spend her final Christmas in NYC.” K’s favorite part is “when Mark gives Maggie her “Maggie Bear”.”
“The Invention of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert; review by M. The book is about “Starting in mid 1700’s England, the saga follows a family of botanists and their struggles with science and discoveries around the world. The book also has a healthy amount of personal relationship challenges.” M writes “I enjoyed the science-y parts and the study of evolution. It was also an interesting take on women in science at a time when that wasn’t common.”
“Sad Cypress”, written by Agatha Christie; review by B. The book is about “who killed the wealthy woman? All clues point to her niece but enter Hercule Poirot to solve the mystery.” B’s favorite part is “The ending when all of the loose ends are tied up.”
“The Book of Cold Cases”, by Simone St. James; review by K. The book is about “Shea Collins works on solving murder mysteries after work, and is granted an interview with the elusive (and acquitted for murder) Beth Greer, the suspected “Lady Killer.” K says “The “Ah-Ha!” moment when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out who everyone is. (Also, when she meets the investigator in person and he is a good person!)”
“Hounded”, written by David Rosenfelt; review by D. The book is about “An attorney defends his friend, a police officer, that has been accused of murder. He is sure the officer has been set up to cover up and stop him from investigating a much larger conspiracy/murder scheme.
D writes “Telling my favorite part usually tends to give away the ending of the story. So, I will just say that I enjoy the sarcasm the author uses and the many layers to the story.”
“The Return”, authored by Nicholas Sparks; review by A. The book is about “A man moving back to where is used to visit his grandfather growing up. During that time he got to know and fall in love with a lady whose husband was in a vegetative state. Also, he helped find a run away girl’s family.” A’s favorite part is “That the run away girl was reunited with her family and got the help she needed.”
“The Sinister Pig”, by Tony Hillerman; review by B. The book is about “Smuggling drugs from Mexico into New Mexico. The power and corruption in governments at all levels. B’s favorite part “Twists and turns and the comeuppance given to the bad guys.”
“Adult Assembly Required” written by Abbi Waxman; review by K. The book is about “Laura is new to L.A. and when her apartment burns down, she is befriended by a cast of fun characters in the midst of a move and starting grad school, she finds herself and love.” K’s favorite part was “when Laura overcomes her fear of driving and drives to the airport to profess her love to Bob.” K also writes “Light and funny with beloved characters from “The Bookish Life of Nina Hill” ***** (5 stars)
“There is a Tide…”, authored by Agatha Christie; review by B. The book is about “Hercule Poirot politely listens to a man’s boring story in a London Gentleman’s Club. Two years later, this chance encounter has a focal bearing on the death of a very wealthy man and who really has the right to inherit his vast estate.” B’s favorite part: “Lots of twists and turns make this an enjoyable mystery.”
“Night Road”, by Kristin Hannah; review by H. The book is about “A young girl, Lexi. She grew up in foster care until she moved to live with her great Aunt, in a new town, freshman year. There she made best friends with Mia and fell in love with Mia’s two brother, Zach. The trio was inseparable, until an accident. All of their lives changed after a horrible accident that killed one of the trio. It wasn’t until they all worked through and talked about their feelings, that they finally found love and forgiveness.”
“Leader of the Pack”, written by David Rosenfelt; review by D. D writes “This is the story of an attorney that believes one of his clients has been wrongly convicted. The client has been in prison for 6 years. The attorney uncovers new evidence and is able to get a new trial for the client.”
D additionally writes “This is the 10th book in a series. Without spoiling the story, I would say my favorite part was that the ending held a bit of a surprise from some of the other books in the series, so far.”
“Mac on a Hot Tin Roof”, authored by Melinda Metz; review by J. The book is about “A cat who could detect sadness in humans.” J’s favorite part was “The cat “Mac”.”
“Wildflower Ridge”, by Sherryl Woods; review by J. The book is “..two books in one. 1st one was about a cop falling for a woman he should have arrested. 2nd one was about his sister.” J’s favorite part was “Meeting all of the Adams Family.”
“Nowhere to Hide”, written by Debby Giusti; review by J. The book is about “A woman trying to save herself and her son from her husband’s murder.” J’s favorite part was “The complicated end.”
“Layla”, authored by Colleen Hoover; review by A. The book is about “A couple meeting at a wedding. After being shot by an ex-girlfriend, they ranted the mansion where they met at the wedding.
They soon discovered something wasn’t right with the house. Was it haunted? A writes: “I really didn’t like the book but I was too invested to quit. It ended up having a better ending but it was slow going.”
“Who Let the Dog Out?”, by David Rosenfelt; review by D. D writes “This is another book in the Andy Carpenter series. As in the other books, there is always a dog involved somehow, as well as a client that evidence shows is most certainly guilty.
This book involves diamond smuggling, arms dealing, and wrongdoing among the rich and powerful. D’s favorite part is “reading about the new family member and how it changes your life and outlook.”
“Dead Aim”, written by Iris Johansen; review by B. The book is about “Alex Graham, a photo journalist, witnesses a helicopter being shot out of the sky at a dam disaster site in Colorado. The “government bad guys” are now trying to kill her to silence her.
Enter the hero who is hired to protect her. B’s favorite part: “I liked the resourcefulness and twists and turns that the main characters use to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.”
“Such a Fun Age”, authored by Kiley Reid; review by M. M writes “The story is about a young black woman who babysits for a wealthy white woman.
She has to navigate racism and career searching all while realizing that her boyfriend and employer might be using her for their own gains.” M’s comment regarding her favorite part: “I cheered the end of the story when the lead character finally found her voice.”
“The Love of My Life”, by Rosie Walsh; review by A. The book is about “A lady, who has been married 10 years, has deep dark secrets from her husband. She had a child before she met him and was put up for adoption. 18 years later, the truth comes out and she got to meet him.” A’s favorite part was “When she finally got to meet her son.”
“The Body in the Bookcase”, written by Katherine Hall Page; review by B. B writes “The main character is a caterer who solves crimes on the side. Her home is burglarized and family silver and expensive jewelry is stolen. Other families in the small town are also victimized. The police are not investigating in a timely fashion.
Even though the caterer is very involved in a bridezilla wedding that is quickly approaching.
She finds time to follow up leads to try and find her stolen possessions. B’s favorite part “ how everything ties up at the end. Also some interesting recipes at the end of the book.”

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