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Chrisman Library News

Thank you to Gary and Barb Oates for working the WHOLE time during the “Our Town” event and almost selling out of the Chrisman Library cookbooks and selling the kid-designed bookmarks! Luckily we will have more for the Sesquicentennial!
We are fortunate to have dedicated board members and volunteers to help. The Library believes the “Our Town” event was a huge success, and we thank all who participated in making Chrisman look good for WCIA!
The children/student patrons can come into the Library to pick up their program packets! The readers in each class who read the most books were Mae Rogers (K-3) who read 39 books and Emma Swinderman (4-8) who read 48 books! Each received a $25.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.
The raffle of two additional $25 gift certificates to Barnes and Noble were won by Wynn Rogers and Libby Lorton. Second place winners were Hazel Rogers (K-3) who read 25 books and Carter Swinderman (4-8) who read 33 books! We’re looking forward to next year’s reading program!
The Chrisman Public Library will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2022 in honor of Labor Day! Please come visit us the rest of the week!
This is the end of the reading reviews by our student/children patrons. The adult reviews will be back in the paper next week. Enjoy!
“Native American Night Before Christmas”, by Gary Robinson, illustrated by Jesse T. Hummingbird; review by C. The book was about “Indians Christmas.” C’s favorite part: “How Santa went down the smoke hole in the tipi.”
“Amulet” written by Kazu Kibuishi; review by A.
The book was about “Animals and the Stonekeeper that was cursed and she was trying to find a cure for her Mom who got poisoned. ” A’s favorite part was “When she cured her Mom.”
“Here Comes the Easter Cat”, authored by Deborah Underwood; review by N. The book is about “Cat wants to be the Easter Bunny.” N’s favorite part was “Cat eats the chocolate bunny.”
“Mission Possible”, written by Tim Tebow; review by N. The book was about “Bronco helped the bees.” N’s favorite part “When all the bees flew away.”
“Mission Possible”, written by Tim Tebow: review by H. The book was about “A bee couldn’t find his family but they helped find find his family.” H’s favorite part: “They find his family.”
(WRITER’S NOTE: Interesting to see how two different children review the same book)
“Frozen”, by Disney; review by S. The book was about “Elsa and Anna.” S’s favorite part was when “Elsa became Queen.”
“The Very Quiet Cricket”, by Eric Carle; review by B. The book is about “A cricket wouldn’t talk to anyone until he sees a mommy cricket. He wanted to be married to her.” B’s favorite part “When the cricket not talked to anyone.”
“Starlight”, authored by Kristin Earhart; review by M. The book is about “Starlight gets lost and then Haley finds Starlight and takes her home.” M’s favorite part was “When she was born.”
“Mouse Soup”, written by Arnold Lobel; review by M. The book is about “A mouse that was reading and then a weasel took him and tried to make mouse soup.”
M’s favorite part is “When the mouse told the weasel the stories.”
“Amelia Bedelia’s Family Album”, by Peggy Parish; review by M. The book is about “Amelia Bedelia’s family coming over to a party.” M’s favorite part is “When she got her album out.”
“Giraffes”, authored by Laura Marsh; review by J. The book is about “Giraffes, where they live, how they survive and what they eat.” J’s favorite part was “…learning that giraffes eat 16 to 20 hours a day.”
“Going to the Firehouse”, by Mercer Mayer; review by H. The book is about “When Sparky howls that means there is a fire.” H’s favorite part was when “Fireman Joe goes to the fire.”
“The Dog that Pitched a No-hitter”, written by Matt Christopher; review by J. The book is about “The dog helped a boy with his fear of pitching.” J’s favorite part was “When the dog did the bunny hop.”
“Gymnastics Jump”, by C. C. Joven; review by H. The book is about “Lily loves gymnastics. It was her first meet. She stretches a lot. She fell off the beam and got back up.” H’s favorite part: “Lily was so excited for gymnastics.”
“Kangaroo at the Zoo”, written by Lesley Sims; review by H.
The book is about “The monkey was stuck in a tree but the monkey got down fine.” H’s favorite part is “The Kangaroo was funny.”
“Biscuit’s First Beach Day”, authored by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; review by H. The book is about “Biscuit wants to make a sand castle.” H’s favorite part was when “Biscuit saw his friend, Puddles.”

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