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Chrisman Library News

ookbooks ($10) for sale! As of this writing there are only 106 left. Lots of wonderful cooks in this city and over 300 recipes to try out. Might want to get yours before Chrisman Days!
And speaking of Chrisman Days, don’t forget that the Used Book Sale will be going on Friday, September 9 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and Saturday, September 10 from 9:00 am until early afternoon.
Many tables and displays will hold adult fiction, children’s books, as well as non-fiction. We will have a display also of Library History and books written by local authors. Kid-designed bookmarks, representing what Chrisman and reading mean to the kids, will be for sale, along with the Cookbooks! Make sure you stop by and check everything out!
There are almost 3 weeks for the children/students to continue the Summer Reading Program, and as of this writing, they have read 220 books! The adults are just beginning their Reading Program and they have read 6 books, thus far. We think the adults are just as excited to place stickers on their reading chart and attempt to earn a Frostop coupon and American Country Collection gift certificate!
Here are some reading reviews by our student/children patrons and adults. Enjoy!
“Jedi Academy”, written by Jeffrey Brown; review by C. The book was about “This boy named Roan who became a Jedi. C’s favorite part is “When Roan uses the Force (on page 144)”.
“Hedgehogs in the Hall”, authored by Ben M. Baglio; review by W. The book was about “Mandy and James see hedgehogs. The hedgehogs wander into the McKay’s house. James’ dog gets in the house with the hedgehogs. Everyone was so busy getting James’ dog out of the house that one of the hedgehogs wanders out on to the road, and gets hit by a car! But Mandy takes the hedgehogs to the vet, where per parents work. Her parents help the Hedgehogs. Mandy does not want to put the hedgehogs back into the wild. The next day Mandy had a good idea to make a hedgehog refuge in the McKay’s garden! Mandy asked the McKay’s and they said yes! So then the hedgehogs will have a safe place to live! They call it Rosa’s Refuge, the name of the hedgehog.! W’s favorite part was “when the hedgehogs came back from the wild.”
“Biscuit’s Big Friend” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; review by H. The book was about “Biscuit’s friend is Sam. Biscuit wants to do what Sam did.” H’s favorite part is “when Biscuit splashes in Sam’s dish.”
“How A Seed Grows” written by Helene J. Jordan; review by B. The book is about “planting seeds and water them to grow plants.” B’s favorite part is “the bird in the window”.
“Warriors: The Sight” authored by Erin Hunter; review by C. The book is about “Three kits are born, and Firestar gets a prophecy. ‘There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws. C’s favorite part was “When Foxkit and Icekit were playing in the nursery.”
“Scaredy Boo” by Claire Freedman; review by A. This book is about “a little green monster that was scared of everything.” A’s favorite part is “when he wasn’t scared of anything anymore.
“The Bad Guys” written by Aaron Bladey; review by E. The book is about “the Bad Guys trying to save the world from the dinosaur.” E’s favorite part was when Wolf, Shark, Snake, and Piranha were being crazy in the time machine.”
“Who was Seabiscuit” by James Buckley Jr.; review by M. The book was about “different races and facts about Seabiscuit.” M’s favorite part is “when Seabiscuit won the Santa Anita race.”
“Carnival at Candlelight” authored by Mary Pope Osborne; review by C. The book is about “Jack and Annie are sent 250 years back to save Venice from a flood, but they don’t know about the flood. C’s favorite part is “when Neptune saves the people from the flood.”
“Big Hero 6 – Fight to the Finish” by Bill Scollon; review by J. The book is about “Hiro and his 5 friends fight the man in the mask.” J’s favorite part is “when Hiro makes armor for Honey + GoGo.”
“Flight of the Moon Dragon” written by Tracey West; review by L. The book is about “they had to find the dragon stone. Then they found out it wasn’t in danger. A baby dragon sucks the energy from it to feed it.” L’s favorite part is “whenever they found out there was a baby lightning dragon.”
“Mission Possible” authored by Tim Tebow; review by A. The book is about “the friends work together to work things out.” A’s favorite part is “when they slept together.”
“Dog Tags” by David Rosenfelt; review by D. “This book is the 8th in a series featuring an attorney, Andy Carpenter.
He is hired to defend a dog, Milo, and also hired to defend his owner, Billy. Billy is wrongly accused of murder. Andy and his team have to fight to get to the truth, tangling with the “bad buys”, the FBI and the military. D’s favorite part is “Billy is, of course, innocent and when the truth comes out he is finally reunited with Milo.”
“The Bookish Life of Nina Hill” written by Abbi Waxman; review by K. The book is about “Nina loves to read, play trivia, and spend time alone. She plans out her whole life.
Then, she finds a boyfriend, learns she has a dad (and siblings) and she’s going to lose her job. She overcomes anxiety to embrace having a boyfriend, new family, and saves her bookstore/job.” K’s favorite parts are “when she discovers all the similarities between her and her siblings. (And all the fun trivia facts throughout the book! Hilarious story! 5 stars! Highly recommend!”

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