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Chrisman Library News

Where is the summer going to? Not sure how you all feel, but time seems to be flying quicker and quicker. The summer reading program is half over, the Sesquicentennial is in about 6 weeks and a summer program with Douglas Hart is less than 2 weeks away.
The Library has received requests from patrons/friends to save them a Cookbook when they come in. Well, we have a prepaid/pre-order form in the Library for you to complete. Please come in, complete the form and pay the low, low price of $10 for each cookbook you are requesting. Once they arrive, prior to the Sesquicentennial, we will notify you to come in and receive your Library Cookbook! We’re really excited to see the finished product and know you will be, too!
Douglas Hart Nature Center will be doing an “Off the Beaten Path” program on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 2:30 pm. It is planned for ages 4 to 10 but parents, grandparents, and caregivers are invited as well. This program will coincide with the final days of the Summer Reading Program which ends August 19, 2022.
ATTENTION, ADULT PATRONS: We have heard from our patrons regarding an interest in doing an Adult Reading Program. The program starts NOW! And will end on September 22, 2022. (The first day of Fall). You will have the similar rules as the children/students – read the book/s, complete the reading slip/s and be eligible for prizes. We will have an adult reading chart, you will place stickers on the chart and five books read and five slips completed gets you a coupon for a free ice cream or small drink from the Frostop. If you read more than 5, you will be eligible for a bigger prize (Unknown at this time, but rest assured, it will be cool!)
Some additional reading review by our student/children patrons are below. Many of their reviews interest us so much that we’ve read many of their books.
“Dear America So Far from Home”, written by Barry Denenberg; review by W. The book was about “Mary Driscoll lives in Ireland, her Aunt Nora lives in America and gives (Mary) money to go to America. A Famine hits Ireland so Mary does go to America. In America she lives with her Aunt Nora and finds work in the mills. W’s favorite part is “When Mary is working in the mill.”
“Pirate Mom”, authored by Deborah Underwood; review by M. The book was about “Pete and his mom go to see a guy do tricks. He turns Pete’s mom into a pirate. Pete and Pirate mom walk home.
When Pete and Pirate mom get home, Pete’s mom falls asleep on the couch. Pete goes out to play. When he comes home, he sees a Pirate flag flying over the house. They found the Amazing Marco and Pete asked him to make his mom be his mom again. M’s favorite part was “when Pete and his mom come home from the show.”
“Kindergarten, Here I Come” by D.J. Steinberg; review by B. The book is about “A child who goes to Kindergarten and play in school.” B’s favorite part was “He tried to steal the flashlight and the cape to take to school so he could escape.”
“Misty Copeland” written by Lexi Ryals; review by J. The book was about “Misty Copeland growing up to be a ballet star.” J’s favorite part was “When she (Misty Copeland) went to New York City for a ballet workshop.”
“Fever 1793” authored by Laurie Halse Anderson; review by C. The book was about “A girl, her Grandfather, her Mother, and her cook Eliza running a coffee house but then a lot of yellow fever cases break out and her mother get it, and everyone panics and the coffee house closes until Mattie or, Matilda open it up when the fever is over. Sadly it killed over 3,000.” C’s favorite part is “When her Mother returns to the coffee house.”
“Secret of the Water Dragon” written by Tracey West; review by L. The book was about “this character Bo and dark magic.” L’s favorite part is “when they discovered Bo’s dragon’s new power.”
“A Party to Remember” authored by Tim Tebow; review by H. The book was about “Bronco couldn’t find his puzzle piece by the Panda found the piece.” H’s favorite part “the Panda found Bronco’s piece to complete the friend puzzle.”
“Twisters and Other Terrible Storms”, by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne; review by E. The book was about “different facts and stories about other storms.” E’s favorite part “is the Blizzard in New York in 1888.”
“Together Forever” written by Mary Quattlebaum; review by R. The book was about “Amazing animal friends.” R’s favorite part was “the Cheetahs.”
“State Showdown” authored by Matt Christopher; review by C. The book was about “Liam made it on the All-Star team, but he has to set things right with Phillip DiMaggio, the person who struck him out in the World Series. Carter’s team is doing great, especially since he learned to throw a knuckle-ball.”
C’s favorite part is “when Carter throws a no-hitter.”
“Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Karen’s Kitty cat Club” by Katy Farina; review by E. The book was about “Karen wants to start a club so she thinks, ‘my friends and I all have cats, so why not start a kitty cat club’? E’s favorite part was when Amanda’s name was pulled out so she got to be President.”
“The Night is Yours” written by Abdul-Razak Zacharian; review by A. The book was about the Moon was all different colors of peoples skin colors.” A’s favorite part “when they played hide-in-seek.”
“Dear Librarian” authored by Lydia M. Sigwarth; review by A. The book is about “a little girl who met a Librarian and she wrote a note about her becoming a librarian. A’s favorite part is “when the little girl met the Librarian.”
“My Haunted House” by Angie Sage; review by C. The book is about “Aunt Tabby wants to sell the Araminta home. Araminta did not want it sold.” C’s favorite part is “Araminta found a friend named Wanda. They did fun things together.”
“Cave Cat Pete” by James Dean; review by N. The book is about “Pete wants to have a picnic.” N’s favorite part is “the end of the picnic.”
“Horray for Spring” authored by Cindi Morrow; review by S. The book is about “Spring”. S’s favorite part is “Spike taking a nap.”

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