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Fan or follower?

By Pastor Joshua Reed

Recently I attended the community youth outing and saw a baseball game. I love watching baseball live, anticipating if the batter will get a hit or strike out.
Which team will work harder to win that game? What amazing plays will I see on the field.
Thinking someday these boys might play for a professional team. Oh it is so exciting for me. It was a small town game with not much action and I was a fan of the game. But it led me to think I was a fan, not a follower of the game anymore.
See I used to follow the Dodgers, watch the games on tv, had the merch, and went to home games when I could. But as I got older it did not matter as much as it did back then.
Jesus himself had fans follow Him everywhere He went. They all wanted something from Jesus. Are you a fan of Jesus today? Do you like hearing about the things He did, the places he went, and the miracles He performed?
You see, so does everyone else. We all are looking for something. A fan wants something right away; they do not like to wait. If we were sent away would that be it or would we do anything to be near Him.
A fan sees Jesus and at the end goes home the same way he came. Whereas a follower would give up everything to be near the Lord. When we follow Jesus it is such more than just being a fan.
We stay with Him all the time. We listen when He talks to us, obey His commands, and hang on every word He says.
When we look at our own lives are we just a fan of the Lord or are we followers?
At the end of this life a fan will not go to Heaven but the follower will be where Jesus is.
God First

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