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Since the beginning of the summer reading program “Read Beyond the Beaten Path”, which started June 13, 2022, more than 100 books have been read by our Chrisman Library children! And we keep getting new readers! We now have 20 readers and those children are in the Library checking out more books all the time, which we think is AWESOME! Nothing is greater than helping these readers find books that may interest them, whether they’re about animals, baseball, mysteries, our American Flag, Star Wars and Phoney! Thank you to Frostop for all the ice cream and drinks you’ve so generously given to our children! Come in and see the children’s progress on their charts!
Here are some more excerpts written by the children/students so far!
“Daniel Visits the Library” written by Wendy Harris; review by N. – The book is about “story-time” (at the Library). N’s favorite part: “Prince Wednesday was a frog.”
“My Little Pony – The Thanksgiving Gift” written by Meg Haston; review by S – The book is about a “Thanksgiving party.” S’s favorite part is the “Friendship feast.”
“Mighty Robot” authored by Dav Pilkey; review by C – The book is about “Finding Jurassic Jackrabbits from Jupiter”. C’s favorite part is “How to draw Ricky and Robot.”
“Scooby Doo – Howling on the Playground” by Gail Herman; review by A – “(The gang) heard a sound and they thought it was werewolves but it was puppies.” A’s favorite part is “the old lady and the gang agreed at the end! They were very happy.”
“Baby Sitters Club – Stacey’s Lie”, written Ann M. Martin; review by E – The book is about “When Stacey’s dad tells her that they are going on vacation, she knows where she wanted to go, but she lies to him, Claudia and her friends.” E’s favorite part is “when Stacey and Claudia make up.”
“Tomb Quest: The Stone Warriors” written by Michael Northrop; review by C – the book is about “Alex and Ren are trying to find Alex’s mom and the lost spells and find out that the Order is going to create themselves into indestructible stone fighters.” C’s favorite part: “When Alex finds out that the leader of the Order is his dad.”
“Ellie’s Story” authored by W. Bruce Cameron; review by A – The book is about “a dog who was a search-and-rescue dog and had lost her scent and she found a boy and saw her first owner again.” A’s favorite part is when “She (Ellie) got rewarded and saw Jacob again.”
“Magic Tree House – Tonight on the Titanic” written by Mary Pope Osborne; review by M – The book is about “Jack and Annie are on the Titanic when the Titanic sinks. And they try to get people out of their rooms.” M’s favorite part is “When they lose the dog and find the dog again.”
“Foals in the Field” by Ben M. Baglio; review by W – The book is about “Mandy Hope helps her parents take care of animals at the clinic and outside of the clinic. When twin foals are born, Nick Summers, their owner is too busy building the farm stable to take care of the foals so Mandy helps take care of the foals. Mandy finds out that Nick has a year to build his farm up. When a storm hits, Nick said he will not get the stable done in time. So Mandy gets the town to help Nick get the stable done before Nick’s father comes to sell the farm.” W’s favorite part is “when the foals are born.”
“Bathtime for Biscuit” written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; review by H – The book is about “Biscuit had to take a bath. He did not want to.” H’s favorite part is when “Biscuit and Puddles are playing in the sprinkler.”
“Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies” by Louise Mathews; review by R – The book is about “they were counting bunnies and multiplying. Each group of bunnies was doing something different.” R’s favorite part was the “first part where there was 1 bunnie”.
“Karen’s School Picture” written by Ann M. Martin; review by A – The book was about “a little girl who got bullied about her glasses.” A’s favorite part was “when the boy said sorry to the girl”.
“Zoey and Sassafras – Dragons and Marshmallows”, authored by Asia Citro; review by R – This book is about “a girl who loves animals and her mom tells her that when she was Zoey’s age, she found out that she could see magic animals. Zoey saves a little dragon while her mom was gone.” R’s favorite part was “how much Sassafras and Marshmallow connect and how much they get along with each other.”
“Dragons and Marshmallows”, written by Asia Citro; review by L – The book is about: “The dragon was named Marshmallow because that’s all she would eat. She was sick because she ate too much sugar. Marshmallow is a carnivore and ate fish and felt better.” L’s favorite part was “when Marshmallow finds another dragon.”
(WRITER’S NOTE: Interesting to see how two different children write about the book)
“The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” by Kate Dicamillo; review by E – “The book was about Edward going to new owners and then finds Abilene.” E’s favorite part “was when Edward finds Abilene at the end of the story.”
“The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” by Kate Dicamillo; review by H – The book was about “Edward fell off a boat. He found Abilene.” H’s favorite part was “Edward finding Abilene.”
(WRITER’S NOTE: Interesting to see how two different children write about the book)
“Flawed Dogs” written by Berkeley Breathed; review by C – The book is about “a dog whom had an owner, but there was another dog living there and that dog didn’t like that (new) dog, so he tried to kill the (new) dog and failed and over the years came back, and the new dog killed the previous house dog, Cassius.” C’s favorite part was “when Sam found the interesting dogs.”
“The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle; review by B – The book is about “A spider spinned her web and animals tried to “’stract her from spinnin’ her web.” B’s favorite part “when her been hiding from the animals, like the Hootie (owl)”
“Manatees” written by Laura Marsh; review by J – “This book explains Manatees are large mammals and good swimmers. Manatees are herbivores. They only have molars.” J’s favorite part: “A manatee’s flipper bones looks similar to a human’s hand.”
We hope you all are enjoying the summer and as thrilled as we are for the rain last week. The gardens behind the Library are growing!
Maybe you drive by and see the progress these gardens are making! If not, we suggest you stop by the Library and we’ll gladly show you! The gardeners are very proud of their efforts!

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