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Chrisman Library News

The kid’s summer reading program is going great. We have had a lot of young readers in here checking out books and writing their book reviews. I’m not sure they believe me, but it is interesting to see what they think about the stories. It is not too late for more kids to join the program. The more you read, the more coupons you earn.
Summer is a great time for everyone to slow down and read! If we don’t have what you want here, then we’ll help you to order something from another library. You can go to and look at what’s available and order for yourself too. It’s easy enough, but if you have trouble, we’ll help you with that too!
We are presently not able to add anything to our Facebook page. Our library board members have been posting information on their personal Facebook pages and Kyle at the Chrisman Leader has been posting for us. The matter is perplexing and we may go to another platform. Does anyone have any experience with Gab or Minds? We may have to be creative!
We have scheduled a program with Douglas Hart Nature Center on August 3rd. Last year’s program was super good. The kids had a great time jumping from flower to flower like Monarch butterflies! There was a lot more good stuff in the program too. They will be here at 2:30 Wednesday, August 3rd. Mark your calendar!

Princess Celestia and the summer of royal waves—G.M. Berrow
The Stormy road to Canterlot: the prequel to My Little Pony, the movie—Sadie Chesterfield
Snow day dare—Abby Klein
A song from my heart—Susan Love
Juliet the valentine fairy—Daisy Meadows
Michelle the Winter fairy–Daisy Meadows
Olympia the games fairy–Daisy Meadows
Fluttershy and the fine furry friends fair–G.M. Berrow
Twilight Sparkle and the crystal heart spell–G.M. Berrow
Scooby-Doo and the headless horseman—James Gelsey
A spy in the White House—Ron Roy
Scooby-Doo! And you. The case of the batty vampire—Suzanne Weyn
Scooby-Doo and the spooky strikeout—James Gelsey
The haunting of Pirate Cove—Kate Howard
Beauty and the Beast and other stories—Sarah Hines-Stephens
Geronimo and the gold medal mystery—Geronimo Stilton
The peculiar pumpkin thief–Geronimo Stilton
The haunted castle–Geronimo Stilton
This hotel is haunted!–Geronimo Stilton
The golden statue plot–Geronimo Stilton
The magic thief—Sarah Prineas

Always with you, always with me—Kelly Rowland
I’m not scared, you’re scared—Seth Meyers
Hair Love—Matthew A. Cherry
Battle of the power ring—Donald B. Lemke
Are we there yet?–Dan Santat
I lost my tooth!–Mo Willems

Faking forever—Catherine Bybee
Booking the crook—Laurie Cass
The Christmas promise—Richard Paul Evans
The angel makers—Tessa Harris
Readers’ Digest Selected: The Mistletoe Inn and Miss Dreamsville

Where I’m calling from: new and selected stories—Raymond Carver
The Noel letters—Richard Paul Evans
Dubliners—James Joyce
A good man is hard to find, and other stories—Flannery O’Connor
End game—Rachel Dylan
Backlash–Rachel Dylan
Power play–Rachel Dylan

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