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Chrisman Library News

The “Read Beyond the Beaten Path” summer reading program has begun! So far almost 30 books have been written about and 7 ice creams have been given.
It’s only been a week and there is still lots of time to read! Hopefully the books are being read because of the love of reading and not just the free ice cream!
But the children seem to be excited about the program and once the reading charts arrive, (they are late in arriving) the children will be able to track their progress themselves by placing stickers on the charts.
We are very impressed by the numbers of children and books that are being read!
Here are some excerpts written by the children/students this week:
“Bone” written by Jeff Smith; review by K. – The book is about “In the kite part three, Phoney would not listen or do anything” K’s favorite part is “Phoney got called a runt.”
“Amulet – The Cloud Searchers” written by Kazu Kibuishi; review by A – The book is about “a family and their friends that go against the Elf King.” A’s favorite part is “THE WHOLE BOOK”.
“Stranger in the Woods” authored by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick; review by C – The book is about “Children made a snow man to help feed the animals in the woods”. C’s favorite part is is “When the children made the snowman, they hid in the trees and watched the animals come and eat the carrots and seeds.”
“Our Flag was Still There” by Jessie Hartland; review by C – “Mary Pickersgill made a big, big American flag so the British could see it from a distance.” C’s favorite part is “when the glad was put in the American Smithsonian Museum for every one to see it.”
“Baby Sitters Club – Claudia and the Friendship Feud”, written Ann M. Martin; review by E – The book is about “Claudia and Stacey are in a huge fight and Claudia misses her. Stacey is not the person she remembers. She makes other friends like Erica Blumberg, though.” E’s favorite part is “Claudia’s aunt, uncle baby cousin and her aunt’s best friend, Molly, come for Thanksgiving dinner.”
“Sun and Moon” written by Marcus Pfister; review by A – “This story was an ‘Informational text’ about a solar eclipse. So the Sun didn’t have any friends. Neither did the Moon, so they became friends. They got so close that they crossed each other and made a solar eclipse.”
“Biscuit Goes to School” authored by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; review by N – “The book is about Biscuit.” N’s favorite part is when “Biscuit goes to the Library.”
“All of Baby Nose to Toes” written by Victoria Adler; review by R – “The book is all about a baby’s body.” R’s favorite part is when “the family was together.”
“Hamsterasaurus Rex” by Tom O’Donnell; review by C – “The books is about a boy named Sam who meets a hamster that he named Hamsterasaurus Rex and the hamster swallows body building powder and turns into a mutant dino-hamster.” C’s favorite part is “whenever the hamster chews through a rope and drops a model solar system on a bully who was bullying Sam.”
“Max’s Easter Surprise” written by Rose Mary Wells; review by S – The book is about “Max and Ruby”. S’s favorite part is when “Max takes the eggs.”
“Rise of the Earth Dragon” authored by Tracey West; review by C – The books is about “how to train a dragon’. C’s favorite part is “when Drake made friends”.
“Tomb Quest: The Book of the Dead” written by Michael Northrop; review by C – The books is about “Alex has a disease and his heart stops but his mom uncovers the Egyptian Lost Spells and brings him to life; also causing 5 mummies to come to live, all of which have been plotting revenge.” C’s favorite part is “whenever Alex uses an amulet to try to set his alarm clock and accidentally blows it up.”

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