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Chrisman Library News

We’ve had a nice start to our kids’ summer reading program. Brena from Forest Glen was here and brought lots of furs, bugs, and skulls to show the kids.
She loves her work and the little girls gathered around her and bombarded her with questions about the wonderful bugs that she brought with her. I have never seen such interest in bugs!
We have several children signed up for the reading program. The rewards are coupons for ice cream or pop and a pizza if they read 25 books. It’s a great deal! We have many interesting books and summer is a great time to read! Remember this opportunity is open to all kids entering grades K-8.
Read and then write down what the book was about and what you liked about it. Have your parents sign the slip (available here in the library) and then come in and get some more books!
We would like to share the review of the books that the kids read. We will put an initial next to their comments so grandparents can find them!

The screwtape letters—C.S. Lewis
Madam, I’m Adam—Daniel Lapin

Season of hope—Virginia Carmichael
Holiday hideout—Lynette Eason
Royal rescue—Tammy Johnson
With Christmas in his heart—Gail Gaymer Martin
The Christmas target—Shirlee McCoy
Flashpoint—Stephanie Newton
Tough luck hero—Maisey Yates
Return to Willow Lake—Susan Wiggs
Walk the wire—David Baldacci

The gray ghost murders—Keith McCafferty
Strands of truth—Colleen Coble
Project duchess—Sabrina Jeffriess
Wooing Cadie McCaffrey—Bethany Turner
A house full of ghosts—W.C. Ryan
The familiar stranger—Christina Tarabochia

Scriptures and meditations for your best life now—Joel Osteen
The Simon & Schuster encyclopedia of animals: a visual who’s who of the worlds’s creatures
Healing pain and injury—Maud Nerman
Cancer: step outside the box—Ty M. Bollinger
Canning and preserving—Linda Ferrari
Colorado bed & breakfast cookbook: from the warmth & hospitality of 88 Colorado B&Bs
As good as gold: grand prize recipes from America’s cooking contests
A bridge to homestyle cooking
Real cause, real cure: the 9 root causes of the most common health problems and how to solve them

Blood moons—NR
Brideshead revisited—NR
Cars 3—G
The karate kid—PG
Laughing on purpose: Comedian Michael Jr.–NR
Nick—live at the Mormon Tabernacle—NR
The quest for Noah’s ark__NR
Ridge Runners—NR
Susan Boyle: the making of a dream__NR

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