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Chrisman Library News

Thank you to all who came to the Hanging Basket Sale and purchased the beautiful baskets from Flowers on Main. The Library sold out before well before noon! 50 hanging baskets sold in just a few hours! Thank you to all who helped set up the hanging baskets and helped carry baskets to our customer’s vehicles! And thank you to Flowers on Main for your generous support and the fabulous blooms that you supplied!
The push is on for the gathering of recipes for the Library Cookbook fundraiser! The deadline to hand in your favorite recipes to share with our Community is fast approaching – June 10, 2022. You don’t have to copy them or type them out – we can make copies of them. All you have to do is pick your favorite recipes to share, whether it be Uncle Bill’s favorite salad, Grandma’s famous dessert, or your favorite dinner for your family. We look forward to creating a one-of-a-kind Cookbook!
We are also calling all Grade School children in grades K – 5 for the 2022-2023 school year, and their parents to come in and pick up the form to enter the Chrisman Public Library “Create a Bookmark” contest! The contest is titled “Chrisman, Books and You! We ask that all students interested in entering the contest come into the Library (Mon., Tues., & Fri. 1-5:30 and Wed. and Thurs. 1-7) to get their entry form. The Contest is asking the students to create a bookmark that shows what Chrisman and reading means to them. The deadline for submitting the entry form with the students drawing is May 31, 2022.
The entries will be displayed in the windows of the Library and voted on by the Library Board at the June meeting. Once the winner is chosen, the bookmark will be printed and available for sale during the Sesquicentennial Celebration in September.

Stillwater Lake 1—Rachel Caine
Killman Creek 2—Rachel Caine
Wolfhunter River 3–Rachel Caine
Bitter Falls 4–Rachel Caine
Heartbreak Bay 5–Rachel Caine
The woman in the window—A.J. Finn
The wives—Tarryn Fisher
The girl who lived—Christopher Greyson
The hush—John Hart
Into the water—Paula Hawkins
The family upstairs—Lisa Jewell
Call me Evie—J.P. Pomare
Pretty girls—Karin Slaughter
Something in the water—Catherine Steadman
The broken girls—Simone St. James
Sadie—Courtney Summers
The lying game—Ruth Ware
What happened at the lake—Phil M. Williams
Truly madly guilty—Liane Moriarty

NEW EASY for kids
Native American night before Christmas—Gary Robinson

Ghostgirl—Tonya Hurley

Gardening with perennials: creating beautiful flower gardens for every part of your yard
The Tightwad gazette: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle—Amy Dacyczyn
Tastes like home: 235 comfort food recipes with a hearty helping of memories, plus handy kitchen tips
Weight Watchers annual recipes for success 2004
Weight Watchers new 365-day menu cookbook
Weight Watchers new complete cookbook
Secrets from Grandma’s kitchen: more than 200 delicious, tried & true recepesfrom grandmothers across the country, plus tips for making mealtime extra special
Mr. Food simply chocolate—Art Ginsburg
Sauces: classical and contemporary sauce making—James Peterson

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