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Chrisman Library News

hing new. I hope it will be popular with our patrons. We were given several packages of seed by Amber Raimer of the Community Garden behind our library. So we are starting a “seed library”. People can “check out” seed by taking a package of seed home and planting it. If you have more than you need, just bring it back and then someone else can use it. Hopefully, next fall you can save some seed and bring it in for other gardeners to use next year. If anyone wants to donate seed now, of course, we will be delighted to add it to the “seed library” and more people will share in the fun of growing vegetables and flowers.
We got a patron book review!!! THE LOST APOTHECARY by Sarah Penner and review by Katie.
“The Lost Apothecary,” by Sarah Penner, is a terrific novel for fans of history and mystery, or for anyone who just enjoys a good, unique story.
The novel flip flops between the late 1700s and present day, following Nella, the apothecary, Eliza, a young servant girl who gets tangled in Nella’s business, and Caroline, living in the present day on a would-be anniversary trip to London that she attends alone.
It begins with Caroline trying something new, mudlarking: wading in the River Thames looking for artifacts from long ago.  She stumbles upon a small blue vial and the historian in her is so intrigued that she heads to the library to find out more.
The story also follows Nella, a second-generation apothecary in the eighteenth century, who uses her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies to help women who are oppressed by men.
It is through the request of a prominent Mrs. Amwell that Nella meets Eliza, a twelve year old servant of Mrs. Amwell who is sent to Nella to retrieve a concoction to rid the Amwell Estate of Mr. Amwell.
The two become the unlikeliest of acquaintances.  More details unfold as the stories of Nella, Eliza and Caroline are intertwined.  Through Caroline’s research and with the help of a new friend, Caroline works to discover the truth behind the “Apothecary Killer” and reignite her desire to follow her own dreams.

NEW EASY for kids
I Spy little animals—Jean Marzollo—board book
I Spy little letters–Jean Marzollo—board book
I Spy little numbers–Jean Marzollo—board book
That’s not my puppy: its coat is too hairy—Fiona Watt—board book
How do dinosaurs say happy birthday?–Jane Yolen—board book
Meet the crew—Ella Patrick
Kindergarten, here I come!–David Steinberg

A cat under the mistletoe: an Alice Nestleton mystery—Lydia Adamson
Chile death: a China Bayles mystery—Susan Wittig Albert
Baseball cat—Allen Garrison
The spring cleaning murders—Dorothy Cannell
Nag’s Nook—John Diskson Carr
Dead guy’s stuff—Sharon Sloan Fiffer
A holiday yarn—Sally Goldenbaum
Moving target—Judith A. Jance

Forgetting Sarah Marshall –NR
Heroes of the heart—NR
John John in the sky—PG 13
Pixar short films collection—PG
Red Stallion; and Red Stallion in the Rockies—NR

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