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Chrisman Library News

Chrisman Public Library is excited! About the Spring weather that we’ll be having soon, the Summer reading program for the children, potential programs sponsored by the Library and the Sesquicentennial that is coming up in September!
We aren’t trying to rush the year away but we are looking forward to all the activity and attempting to regain some normalcy here at the Library.
The Summer reading program will start the beginning of June and have the theme “Beyond the Beaten Path”. We will, again, offer Monical’s pizza certificates as an incentive for the children to read books in their reading level, as well as additional incentives.
We believe that the students who participate in the reading program benefit from this and continue to raise their reading levels during the summer months.
We hope to have Douglas-Hart come into the Library and present their program for the kids, too.
The Sesquicentennial Celebration/150 Birthday of Chrisman is a big deal! And the Library will be will be 90 years old as it started in 1932 at the Methodist Church.
We are looking for any information and/or photos that people may have regarding the Library that we could borrow to help with the creating of the new Sesquicentennial book.
The Library is hoping to sponsor a creative/coloring contest for the children patrons of the library, too.
We will ask them to create a bookmark that represents the City of Chrisman, together with the Library, and the winner of the contest will have their artwork printed into a bookmark.
We think everyone will enjoy seeing what the Chrisman children can come up with using their imagination!
A few weeks ago we told you about the new children/young adult books from a memorial donation. These are just a couple more of our favorites for the juvenile/young adult sections:
The Last Dogs – The Vanishing – by Christopher Holt
When all the humans in his world disappear, Max, a yellow Labrador Retriever, begins the search for his family. He knows that if he can just find Madame Curie, a wise, old black Lab, she’ll be able to help.
Madame had a premonition of astonishing events to come — she might know where Max’s family is.
But Max can’t make the journey alone. Joined by friends Rocky and Gizmo, Max sets off to find Madame. Along the way, the trio must face a pack of angry wolves, forage for food in a land where kibble is akin to gold, befriend a house full of cats, and outsmart a gang of subway rats.
Ultimately, they’ll have to escape from the biggest threat of all: the Corporation, a “perfect” society for dogs and by dogs, where nothing is quite as it seems.
The Last Dogs: The Vanishing is a thrilling adventure and a tale of three unlikely friends on an epic quest to find their people — and bring them home.
The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling
This a warm, fast-paced, funny fairy tale of a fearsome monster, thrilling adventure, and hope against all odds.
Once upon a time there was a tiny kingdom called Cornucopia, as rich in happiness as it was in gold, and famous for its food. From the delicate cream cheeses of Kurdsburg to the Hopes-of-Heaven pastries of Chouxville, each was so delicious that people wept with joy as they ate them.
But even in this happy kingdom, a monster lurks.
Legend tells of a fearsome creature living far to the north in the Marshlands… the Ickabog. Some say it breathes fire, spits poison, and roars through the mist as it carries off wayward sheep and children alike. Some say it’s just a myth…
And when that myth takes on a life of its own, casting a shadow over the kingdom, two children – best friends Bert and Daisy – embark on a great adventure to untangle the truth and find out where the real monster lies, bringing hope and happiness to Cornucopia once more.
Featuring full color illustrations by children from across the United States and Canada, this original fairy tale from one of the world’s most celebrated storytellers will captivate readers of all ages.

NEW EASY for kids
Stranger in the woods—Carl Sams
Ted in a red bed—Phil Roxbee Cox

A country practice—Laura Abbot
Chow down: a Melanie Travis mystery—Laurien Berenson
Who’s sorry now?—Jill Churchill
A catered Halloween—Isis Crawford
A deadly bouquet—Janis Harrison
White elephant dead—Carolyn Hart
The golden couple—Greer Hendricks
The world of tomorrow—Brendan Matthews
Journey—James A. Michener
True Betrayals—Nora Roberts
Truly madly Manhattan
True courage—Dee Henderson
Whiplash—Catherine Coulter
A shot to die for—Libby Fischer Hellmann
Remember me always—Renee Collins

Strong is the new beautiful: embrace your natural beauty, eat clean, and harness your power—Lindsay Vonn
Midwest fruit & vegetable gardening: plant, grow, and harvest the best edibles—Katie Elzer-Peters
The Timber Press guide to vegetable gardening in the Midwest—Michael VanderBrug
Midwest gardener’s handbook: your complete guide: select, plan, plant, maintain, problem solve—Melinda Myers
The new Sunset western garden book: the ultimate gardening guide
The quilters ultimate visual guide: from A to Z hundreds of tips and techniques for successful quilting
The name book: over 10,000 names: their meanings, origins, and spiritual significance—Dorothy Astoria
Tips for quilters: plus 63 of your favorite quilt patterns

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