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Chrisman Library News

Chrisman Public Library is a BIG little library. We really do have a lot of books, DVDs, and music CDs for our patrons to check out.
Our community supports us by donating many, many things. We are always pleased to add new items to our shelves for you.
We are open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 1:00 to 5:30 and on Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 7:00.
You can come in and look around or see at our books on-line at and our events are announced here at the library and on Facebook.
We are part of Illinois Heartland Library System so our cardholders can request to borrow books, DVDs, and CDs from over 500 libraries. You can ask us to order something for you or order it yourself. We’re happy to show you how to do that!
We also want to thank our volunteers! We very much appreciate the help that Mary, Susie, and Dick have given us.
There are so many little steps involved in getting a book from the sack or box that it came in to actually being on the shelf and available to be checked out.
So, once again, THANK YOU!

A minute to midnight—David Baldacci
Lilac girls—Marth Hall Kelly
Just after sunset: stories—Stephen King
The lottery winner: Alvirah and Willy stories—Mary Higgens Clark
A place in the country—Elizabeth Adler

EASY for kids
Lady and the Tramp—Disney
A den, a tree, a nest is best—Katharine Kenah

EASY board books
Vehicles—Steve DeGregorio
The little gardener—Jan Gerardi
Here comes Peter Cottontail!–Steve Nelson
The Pudgy where is your nose? book—Laura Rader

Elephants—Avery Hurt
Monkeys—Anne Schreiber
Ponies—Laura F. Marsh

I hope you dance—Mark D. Sanders 158 SAN
Not a fan: becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus—Kyle Idleman 243 IDL
Women of the word: how to study the Bible with both our hearts and our minds—Jen Wilkin
A more perfect union: what we the people can do to protect our constitutional liberties—Ben Carson
Happiness is a choice: symptoms, causes and cures of depression—Frank B. Minirth
Paula Deen Celebrates!: best dishes and best wishes for the best times of your life—Paula Deen
Paula Deen cuts the fat: 250 favorite recipes all lightened up—Paula Deen
Cinderella: the love of a daddy and his princess—Steven Curtis Chapman 782.42 CHA
Women who charmed the West—Anne Seagraves 791 SEA
Open: an autobiography—Andre Agassi 796.34 AGA
The traveler’s gift: seven decisions that determine personal success—Andy Andrews 813.54 AND

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—Robert Louis Stevenson

Hell freezes over—Eagles with Elliot Scheiner and Rob Jacobs
Live from Cincinnati: Bringin’ It Home—Nicole C. Mullen

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