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Chrisman Library News

If you have ever asked either of us librarians for the name of a good author, one of the first names mentioned is David Rosenfelt. There are many good authors, but Rosenfelt stands out.
He has a great series about a reluctant lawyer named Andy Carpenter who is semi-retired and accepts only cases that he considers interesting. Very interesting. The stories are well written with both wit and humor.
Rosenfelt has shown himself to be a deep thinker from time to time. In his latest book, Dog Eat Dog, Andy is musing about what verdict the jury will come back with.
Quote, “People develop a worldview, and when new facts come in, they adapt them to that view. If they can’t do so, if they can’t fit the new fact into their existing belief, then they just reject it out of hand.”
We have the entire series on our shelves, including Dog Eat Dog and enthusiastically recommend them to you.

Murder in Georgetown—Elliott Roosevelt
Masked prey—John Sandford
Daddy’s Girls—Danielle Steel
Falling star—Patricia Moyes
The conference of the birds—Young adult—Ransom Riggs

Ralph Compton the Sagebrush trail—Robert J. Randisi
Slaughter of the mountain man—William W. Johnstone
Texarkana–William W. Johnstone

The gospel according to Paul: embracing the good news at the heart of Paul’s teaching—John MacArthur
Living in Christ’s presence: final words on heaven and the kingdom of God—Dallas Willard
Architecture for teens: a beginner’s book for aspiring architects—Danielle Willkens
Colors of paradise: a spiritual journey—Fereidun Shokatfard

We got a large donation of DVDs and I want to express our gratitude to the donor. Perfect timing for the benefit of our patrons!
People came in the day before the bad blizzard and checked out MANY, MANY of them!

Anchorman2: the legend continues—PG 13
Carter High—PG 13
Enough said—PG 13
Hands of Stone—R
Home Run—R
Identity thief—R
Just Go With It—PG 13
Lee Daniels’ the Butler—PG 13
Let’s be cops—R
Lone survivor—R
Meet the sight words 1—G
No Good Deed—PG 13
Promised Land—R
Red sky—PG 13
The revenant—R
Taken 2
Taken 3
Ted 2—R
Unbroken—PG 13
War Pigs—R
American hustle—R
Kung fu panda—PG
Life as we know it—PG 13
My all American—PG 13

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