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Chrisman Siren Report

•Jan. 30th, 1139 hrs, Rte. 36 at 15250 Mile Marker, Brush Fire
•Jan. 30th, 1951 hrs, Centennial Park, Public Service
•Jan. 31st, 0616 hrs, IL Rte 1, Just South of US 36, Gas Odor Investigation
•Jan. 31st, 2328 hrs, 22520 N. 1966th St., Ambulance Assist
•Feb. 3rd, 0921 hrs, 734 E. Madison, Fire Investigation
•Feb. 3rd, 2136 hrs, 428 N. Indiana, Ambulance Assist
•Feb. 4th, 1312 hrs, 400 W. Washington, Ambulance Assist
•Feb. 5th, 0151 hrs, 522 E. Lincoln, Ambulance Assist

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