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Living verses Existing!

By Troy Warner, Pastor Chrisman Christian Church

Pastor Troy Warner

Greetings, in that Name above all names- Jesus! Are you living or existing? I suspect this seems like a trick question.
Most of us would answer in regards to riches such as winning the lottery, buying a new home, driving your dream car, or traveling abroad. Then there would be those who would respond regarding their health.
Unfortunately, these desires fall short of the blessings God has in store for us. When we study the scriptures, we discover God’s plans and blessings have nothing to do with what we own, what we have achieved, or even where we lived. Instead, it involves a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Material possessions, ambitions, and even good friends come and go. It was nice to see Chrisman Days this year, and to experience old friends and celebrate Chrisman’s 149th birthday. If there is anything to glean from it it is that times continue to change. The only thing that remains constant and eternal is God’s love for us.
If you want to know how to gain greater fulfillment, the answer is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Genuine contentment is not a matter of abandoning your hopes and dreams; but rather refocusing so that all we do and desire begins and ends with Jesus.
When you commit to the Lord in this way, life becomes very full. Dreams and goals will have more meaning. God wants us to yearn for His fellowship more than temporal things of this world. If you seek Him and trust Him, your desires will reveal the purpose for which you were created.
Living for Jesus? It’s your decision to make. Chrisman Christian Church exist to Follow Jesus Together with our heads, hearts, and hands.
Much love in Christ, Troy Warner, Pastor Chrisman Christian Church

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