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Chrisman Library News

Submitted by the Chrisman Public Library

The Chrisman Library Book “Sale” is over and the Thank you’s are just starting!
First, we want to thank the FFA students; Maecy, Asa, Jake, Hana, Dominic, Olivia, Nic, Kaylee, Kenzie, Landen L, Jonathan, Connor, Jess, Garrett, Seth, Sam, John, Saige and Landen A, along with their advisor, Mr. Meltzer! Without your help and muscles, we would not have been able to provide as many books to the sale as we did!
Second, thank you to the people involved in putting on the Tractor Show and those who donated for their favorite tractor! Those involved donated the money raised to the Library and it is GREATLY appreciated!
Third, thank you to ALL the people who donated money and took some books home for their reading enjoyment! We hope to see you next year during Chrisman Days.
And finally, to the Library Board members, THANK YOU! Whether you helped put up tables, helped take them down, helped people find books, or participated in the parade, your help and time are greatly appreciated, more than we can express!
During our summer reading program, we would print some of the students “reviews” of the books they read. We are wondering if our ADULT patrons would be willing to write a review of the book/s they have read. It would be helpful to other Adult patrons when trying to decide on a book to enjoy at home. Let us know if that is a feature you might be interested in reading in the Chrisman Leader and if you would be willing to submit a review. Like the students, the review can be short and sweet.
Inferno – Troy Denning
Buzzard’s Bluff – William W. Johnstone
Preacher’s Carnage – William W. Johnstone
Butterflies – Susanne Gervay
The Hole in our Gospel – Richard Stearns – 248.4 STE
Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success – Joe Gibbs 248.842 GIB
The Resolution for Men – Stephen Kendrick – 248.842 KEN
The Purpose of Christmas – Rick Warren – 263.915 WAR
Winning – Jack Welch – 658.409 WEL
Fields of Grace: Sharing Faith from the Horse Farm – Cara Whitney – 248.4 WHI
The Core: Teaching your Child the Foundations of Classical Education–Leigh A. Bortins–370.112BOR
Private Lessons: John Lyons Answers your Questions on Care and Training – John Lyons – 636.1 LYO

The Beartooth Cafe – Chinle Miller
The Coconut Killings – Patricia Moyes
The Family Lawyer: Thrillers – James Patterson
The First Lady – James Patterson
The Moores are Missing: Thrillers – James Patterson
Glass Houses – Louise Penny
Sullivan’s Law – Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Masked Prey – John Sandford
Shadow Prey – John Sandford
Revenge – Debra Webb
The Deep Six – Randy Wayne White
They Came To Baghdad – Agatha Christie
Third Girl – Agatha Christie
Witness for the Prosecution – Agatha Christie
Death in the Air – Agatha Christie
Double Sin and Other Stories – Agatha Christie
Elephants can Remember – Agatha Christie
Mrs. McGinty’s Dead – Agatha Christie
A Holiday for Murder – Agatha Christie
The Naked Eye: a Novel – Iris Johansen
Shattered Mirror – Iris Johansen

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