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NECAS funds mailed out

With the final distribution of funds mailed out earlier this month, the Northern Edgar County Ambulance Service or NECAS is no more.
NECAS was formed in the 1980’s as a volunteer service for emergency care for the townships of Young America, Ross, Prairie, Brouillets Creek, Edgar and Shiloh.
The service was financed by each jurisdiction paying an assessment based on the percentage of the population in that township. Villages of Hume and Metcalf, along with the City of Chrisman participated in those payments as well.
As time went on, volunteers began to disappear. This was either due to age, expenses or the cost of obtaining an EMT certification. Being a volunteer service, NECAS could not support hiring a full time staff.
Fast forward to present day, voters in the townships approved to create a special service area that would collect taxes to keep the ambulance service in operation.
The creation of this special service area placed supervision of collecting the taxes and bidding out the service under the Edgar County Board.
After the process was complete, the former NECAS board that consisted of representatives from each of the township boards, two village boards and the Chrisman City Council, made the decision to disperse.
Not wanting Chrisman to be without an ambulance service, coordinator Jeremy Neal placed a bid to take over the service. After all of the legalities, Neal came away with the ambulance service, which included the Chrisman ambulance bay and all of the equipment.
Now Neal EMS, operates as a private business that is supported from the taxes paid to the service area.
A total of $119,845 in checks were mailed out to the following townships: Brouilletts Creek: $8,515.68 (7%); Edgar Township: $17,031.36 (14%); Prairie Township: $9,877.12 (9%); Ross Township: $23,722.26 (19.5%); Shiloh Township: $9,123.95 (7.5%); Young America Township: $7,664.11 (6.3%); City of Chrisman: $23,722.26 (19.5%); Village of Hume: $13,260.13 (10.9%); Village of Metcalf: $6,928.69 (6.3%).

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