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Chrisman Library News

Submitted by the Chrisman Public Library

Thanks to the Gary Mills family the Chrisman Public Library is purchasing new books for the children, and even some adults, to read and enjoy. There are SO many books to choose from, we asked children to give us a recommendation of books they would like to read from our Library. The children gave one or two selections, which we will be ordering. One child, Issac, the 12 year old grandson of one of our patrons, sent us a whole list! The Chrisman Public Library has some of the books on Issac’s list but we’re going to purchase many of his choices. Thank you to all the children and to Issac for helping us grow our Juvenile and Young Adult book selections!
The summer reading program is done as of today but at this writing our total numbers are unknown. Watch for next weeks article. We would, once again, like to thank First Farmers Bank and Trust and Longview Bank and Trust for their financial donations to purchase items for gift packs for the participants of the program. A HUGE thank you to Mama Sue at the Frostop for providing the free ice cream/small drink to the children for reading the required amount of books. We are grateful to our community for helping our Library. Here are some excerpts written by the children/students this week:
“Cara, the Camp Fairy” by Daisy Meadows by E. – The book is about “When Rachel and Kristy go to camp things aren’t going as planned so they have to go and find Cara’s magical items to make camp fun again!.” E’s favorite part is “When they fly on Midnight, the owl, across a big forest!.”
“The Saddle Club Trail Mates – #5” by Bonnie Bryant by W. – The book is about “When they go on a trail, and Patch the horse gets out of control.” W’s favorite part is “When the horse gets out of control”.
“Click Clack, Quack to School” by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin by E. – “The book was about Farmer Brown and the animals go to school for the Farm Lunch.” E’s favorite part is “When Farmer Brown says to Duck “don’t be so Duck-y.”
“Brave – A Mother’s Love” – by Melissa Lagonegro by J. – The book was about “the Queen wants Merida to marry one of the Lords sons.” J’s favorite part is “When Merida cuts the family quilt.”
Cut and Run – Fern Michaels
Fate & Fortune – Fern Michaels
Finding the Dream – Nora Roberts
Louisiana Bigshot – Julie Smith
A Chance for the Newcomer – Lisa Carter
A Love So Strong – Arlene James
The Fireman’s Secret Jessica Keller
Her Small Town Secret – Brenda Minton
Snowbound with the Cowboy – Roxanne Rustand
His Dry Creek Legacy – Janet Tronstad
Protocol Zero – James Abel
One Good Deed – David Baldacci
Out of Range – C. J. Box
Dead Man’s Mirror – Agatha Christie
Evil Under the Sun – Agatha Christie
The Hollow – Agatha Christie
Passenger to Frankfurt – Agatha Christie
The Under Dog and Other Stories – Agatha Christie
SSN: Strategies of Submarine Warfare – Tom Clancy
The Corpse at the Crystal Palace: a Daisy Dalrymple Mystery – Carola Dunn
Twisted Twenty-Six – Janet Evanovich
Blood on the Vine – Jessica Fletcher
Peach Cobbler Murder – Joanne Fluke
Silent Partner – Stephen W. Frey
Death of the Party: a Death on Demand Mystery – Carolyn G. Hart
Left for Dead – Lisa Jackson
Look Behind You – Iris Johansen
Meditations for the Road Warrior – Edited by Mark Sanborn & Terry Paulson
The Daniel Dilemma: How to Stand Firm and Love Well in a Culture of Compromise – Pastor Chris Hodges
Where is God When it Hurts – Philip Yancey
Common Sense; and, Rights of Man – Thomas Paine
Kindly Inquisitors: the New Attacks on Free Thought – Jonathan Rauch

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