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Chrisman Library Board meets

The Chrisman Public Library Board met on August 12th, 2021. Statistics for the previous month included three-hundred thirty nine items loaned to patrons, one hundred sixty-nine items loaned to other libraries and seventy-five items borrowed from other libraries.
One hundred forty-nine new items were cataloged along with sixteen electronic books and five internet user sessions.
On August 5th, the library hosted their miniature horse program. In attendance was fourteen children and ten adult caregivers. The weather was great and everything worked well. Pat Bolen started our with a story that she had written about her horse, Cowpie.
She kept the kids engaged with her questions and they remained interested the whole time. The library provided snacks and so did Pat, so the kids ate while they waited for their turn to pet Cowpie. Mary Marvin stopped by the library so that Cheri and Beth could both be over at the park Thank you Mary!
The library had another strange occurrence this month. Someone stacked two full sets of World Book encyclopedias in the front door. Beth and Cheri had to move a lot of them just to get into the library.
Fortunately, they were able to give them away and got a small donation too. Not to brag, but that is six sets of encyclopedias they’ve managed to send to a good home!
For the summer reading program, the library has had eight readers with one hundred thirty-two books that have been read. So far, they’ve given our thirty-nine ice cream coupons and three pizza coupons.
The library also received one hundred dollars from Longview Bank and twenty dollars from First Farmers for the Summer Reading Program. “Maybe, we were thinking too small when we sent letters that only asked for twenty dollars,” said Beth Daily.
The money donated was used to make gift bags for the kids at the end of the program. Cheri and Beth were thinking a book for each kid or a gift certificate to buy a book.
A tax payment was received as well a a memorial gift for Robert Morris from Chuck & Kay Wolfe. Deposits in July were fifty-four dollars for library cards and forty for fines and copies as well as fifty dollars in the Morris Memorial account.
A deposit on August 9th included twenty-seven dollars for library cards, thirteen dollars in book sales and thirty-five dollars in fines and copies. In the fundraising account, one hundred twenty dollars was deposited.
Board members are: Donna Malone, Lori Mallory, Greg Lientz, Kyle Lientz, Rick Jenness, Beth Hoult, Barb Oates, Danny Owen and Pam Nose.

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