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Submitted by the Chrisman Public Library

The Library is happy to have a third budding author! This is written by Autumn and is titled “The Secret Island”.
“Morgan was walking to her house when her mom called. When she answered her mom said in a worried voice “Where are you? Are you ok? Did you get lost?” Morgan replies “No, Mom. I’m on my way home.” “Oh thank goodness you’re ok!” her mom replies. Morgan then hung up and went home. When she came inside she saw there were a bunch of boxes filled with all of Morgan’s stuff. Morgan called out, “Mom! Why is all my stuff packed in boxes?” No reply. “She’s probably not home. I should go outside and go canoeing!” When she got on the canoe and paddled out, she noticed she couldn’t control the canoe anymore. She started to float out to the middle of the lake. Soon she hit dry land. She didn’t know where she was or how she got here but she was there. When she got off the canoe she noticed that the grass was pink and that there were a lot of hoofprints on the ground. She followed the trail of hoof prints until she found where they came from. What she saw was a herd of Friesian horses. There were at least 10 Friesians in this herd. Morgan had never seen horses in her life. She thought to herself, why are there horses here when there are no horses near where we live? Is this a secret island? The horses saw her and walked up to her. The horses started talking to her like they were humans. Morgan was so scared she ran for her life, but the horses were much quicker. They blocked her from running any farther and calmed her down. They told her how they got there and how they could talk. Their leader, the biggest one of them all, was named Anke. Anke told Morgan all about them and how they got there. This island was magical. It was what let the horses talk and live forever. Anke led Morgan to their home. All of the horses on this island lived here.
Morgan figured out that this island no one knew about and Morgan was the first one to know. She wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. She went home but came back every day to spend time with the horses. Until one day her mother followed her. Morgan didn’t know but her mom’s intention was to figure out what was happening and ruin it so her daughter wouldn’t keep running off.
Her mom found out everything about the horses and planned on taking them and selling them for a lot of money. But little did she know her daughter saw her the first day she came. Morgan then brought the horses to their house on the island and hid them there. By the time her mom got there she couldn’t find the horses. She got angry and went home. Morgan then celebrated with the horses about their victory. The war was won and the island is still a secret to be untold. The End
The Chrisman Public Library is thrilled to print another young budding author’s story! Maybe we can find out more about the Friesian horses? The Library has the forms for ALL the creative students here in Chrisman.
How Does your Garden Grow – Frances Ann Ladd
Earthquake in the Early Morning – Mary Pope Osborne
Storm Warning – Linda Sue Park
The Norman Conquest of England – Janice Hamilton – 942.02 HAM
Man on the Moon: How a Photograph made anything seem possible – Pamela Dell – 629.45 DEL
The Everything You want to Know about Sports Encyclopedia – Edited by Neil Cohen – 796.03 COH
Year One – Nora Roberts
Cut and Run – Fern Michaels
The Fireman’s Secret – Jessica Keller
Snowbound with the Cowboy – Roxanne Rustand
The Breakdown – B.A. Paris
Out of Range – C. J. Box
The Corpse at the Crystal Palace: a Daisy Dalrymple Mystery – Carola Dunn
Left for Dead – Lisa Jackson
Look Behind You – Iris Johansen
Invisible – James Patterson
Bones are Forever – Kathy Reichs
Silent Night: a novel – Danielle Steel
One More Night – Jennifer McKenzie
His Small-Town Family – Lorraine Beatty
The Wedding Secret – Michele Dunaway
Having the Rancher’s Baby – Cathy McDavid
3 Things Successful People do: The Road Map that will Change Your Life–John C. Maxwell–158 MAX
Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus – Steven Furtick – 232.96 FUR
Greater: Dream Bigger, Start Smaller, Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life – Steven Furtick – 248.4 FUR
God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life – Gene Edward Veith Jr. – 248.4 VEI
The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow – Mark Miller – 658.4 MIL

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