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Chrisman Library News

Our next super-duper kids’ program will be Thursday, July 29 at 2:30 in the gazebo across from the library. We have a very special reason for this—we will have a miniature horse! Since most horses are not housebroken we need to have the program in the park, but if the weather looks rainy give the library a call 217-269-3011. We don’t want kids or a little horse to be frightened by thunder. There will be a story, artwork to do, and snacks. If the horse is agreeable, kids can pet it one at a time!
When you get your newspaper and read this, the program with Forest Glen will be over and we will have had a great time! But details will have to wait until next week.
The Summer Reading program is continuing on and kids are earning those ice-cream coupons! I also want to mention that they are keeping their reading skills up over the summer and will be well prepared for the start of school! It’s going to be here sooner than they know!
Our chosen book reviews this week were written by two different girls who both have the initial A.
Do Unto Otters was written by Laurie Keller and is a book about manners. A’s favorite part was when Owl was talking to Mr. Rabbit about respect. The second was Share kindness, bring some light by April Scott and is about showing the animals that Bear can be kind. A’s favorite part was when “Bear and Coco brang light but noone wanted it but Babby Dear was lost they used the light.”
The kids are making a real effort to do something that is challenging to them. We could all benefit from having that kind of spirit!

The couple next door—Shari Lapena
If not for you—Debbie Mcomber
The baker’s daughter—Sarah McCoy
Muzzled—David Rosenfelt
Rocky Mountain dreams—Danica Favorite
Finding her Christmas family—Ruth Logan Herne
Lakeside redemption—Lisa Jordan
Healing the widower’s heart—Susan Anne Mason
A match for Addy—Emma Miller
Welcome to Fred—Brad Whittington
A perfect gift—Lenora Worth
Don’t look inside—Spike Black
Best beach ever—Wendy Wax
Riding shotgun—William Johnstone

The bachelor’s stand-in wife—Susan Crosby
Diamonds and deceptions—Marie Ferraella
Western Stars—Nora Roberts
A ranch called home—Patricia Thayer
Sweet tomorrows—Debbie Macomber
Once upon a kiss—Nora Roberts

Staying up, up, up in a down, down world—Zig Ziglar
Finding God beyond Harvard—Kelly Monroe Kulberg
Paved with good intentions—Jared Taylor
The Imperial Congress: crisis in the separation of powers
How the West grew rich—Nathan Rosenberg
Bringing the jobs home: the outsourcing crisis and how we can fix it—Todd Buchholz
The excuse factory: how employment law is paralyzing the American workplace—Walter Olsen
A nation of victims: the decay of the American character—Charles Sykes
Science under siege—Michael Fumento
Facts, not fear: a parent’s guide to teaching children about the environment—Michael Sanera
The road to character—David Brooks
Made to stick: why some ideas survive and others die—Chip Heath
Wins, losses, and lessons: an autobiography—Lou Holtz

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