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Chrisman Library Board meets

The Chrisman Public Library Board of Trustees met on June 10th with six members present and three absent. Those members in attendance were Donna Malone, Lori Mallory, Greg Lientz, Kyle Lientz, Rick Jenness & Beth Hoult. Both librarians Beth Daily & Cheri Oates were present as well. Absent members were Barb Oates, Pam Nose & Danny Owen.
Pat Bolen had also attended the meeting in hopes of coordinating with the librarians to have story time in the park. Pat raises miniature horses and has written a book called ‘The Life and Adventures of CowPie’. Mrs. Bolen is seeking an opportunity to share CowPie’s story with children and suggested the idea of having an interactive story time with CowPie. Details will be worked out at a later time.
The minutes of the May 13, 2021 meeting were reviewed. Greg Lientz made a motion to accept the minutes, which was seconded by President Donna Malone. The remaining board members voted ‘yes’ and the motion was carried.
A motion was also made to accept the Bookkeepers reports for March, April, May & June by Donna Malone and seconded by Kyle Lientz. Board members votes ‘yes’ to accept the report and the motion was carried.
In May 2021, one hundred seventy one items were cataloged with two hundred thirteen loaned to patrons. The library loaned two hundred sixteen items to other libraries and borrowed one hundred one items from other libraries. Internet users for the month were at four and electronic books at twenty-eight.
Douglas Hart Nature Center came to the library for a program on Thursday, June 17th.
After learning about colorful prairie plants and their uses, the children planted their own rainbow to take home. A butterfly was brought for the children to see. Snacks and drinks were provided by the library and handed out to the children as they left.
The family of Gary Mills chose the library for memorials for him. Seventeen donations have been made for a total of $820. His wife, Susan, requested that children’s books be purchased or that money be used for a program from his favorite park, Forest Glen.
The summer reading program has started with the theme of ‘Reading Colors Your World’.
The program will run from June 8th to August 20th. If a child will be in kindergarten to third grade, they will read seven books to receive a coupon for a small ice cream or drink donated by the Frostop. Children in 4th through 8th grade will read two chapter books (at least 100 pages).
They will fill out a short form with the name of the book, author, summary and their favorite part. Each child in K-3 who reads twenty-five books over the summer or in 4th-8th grade who reads thirteen books will receive a Monical’s Pizza Certificate. If the kids read more than two hundred books all together, then there will be an additional prize for the child from each category who reads the most.
The libraries OCLC agreement was also due for the amount of $218.72. This is essential to barcoding and are an additional resource to provide hard to get books. Deposits included $720 for the Mills memorial and $50 for garden boxes.
President Donna Malone made the motion to accept the librarians report with Kyle Lientz seconding. All present board members voted ‘yes’ to accept the report and the motion was carried. The meeting was then adjourned.
The library board met again on July 8th, 2021. For June, three hundred thirty-three items were loaned out to patrons and two hundred ninety-six items were loaned to other libraries.
Eighty-three items were borrowed from other libraries and one hundred seventeen new items were cataloged. The library also had five Internet user sessions and thirty-three electronic books read.
An unusual thing happened at the library as one of their books was returned by U.S. mail. Somehow the book had made its way about one hundred twenty-five miles to Evansville, Indiana. The computer records showed that someone from Carmi, Illinois borrowed it. It’s believed that they went to Evansville and returned it there. The librarians intend to send the Evansville Library a thank you card and payment for the postage.
The Douglas Hart program was successful. Twelve kids and seven adults attended. The presenter, Miss Keegan, was very well organized and interesting. She kept the kids involved by asking questions about the flowers that she brought and telling them about how different plants were used by settlers on the frontier.
Games for the kids helped to illustrate the lesson and they will probably remember about pollination and butterflies for a long time. Hopefully all the children will be back for Forest Glen on July 15th and bring some friends.
The summer reading program has started and so far from June 5th to July 5th, the children have read sixty-four books. They have been good about answering the questions on the form that the parents sign. The library has also put a sampling of their answers in the Chrisman Leader column. It makes for some pretty interesting reading.
The library did receive some storm damage. The photocopier quit entirely and was fixed. The phone gave the librarians intermittent service and was fixed. They were not charged for either repair.
Since the Gary Mills Memorial was set up at the Chrisman Library, the library has sent out nineteen thank you cards. Of the total $980, the librarians suggested that they spend $500 on children’s books, $200 on the children’s Christmas party and a $75 or $100 as a donation to Forest Glen.
The Library also has wishlist items of bookshelf ends (about $100) and bar code labels for books (about $100).

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