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Chrisman Library News

 Submitted by The Chrisman Public Library

  We hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th of July! We have several books on the wonderful country we live in: “America the Beautiful” written by Ben Carson, MD, “Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis, “What Would the Founders Do? By Richard Brookhiser, “To America. Personal Reflections of an Historian” written by Stephen E. Ambrose, “A Time for Freedom” by Lynne Cheney, and a pictorial book, also named “America the Beautiful” which shows photos of the farmlands, mountain ranges, towns and villages along with other interesting photographs proving that America is truly beautiful.
Even though Independence Day was Sunday, it’s never too late to check out any of these books!
The “Reading Colors Your World” summer reading program is off to a good start! The children have read 64 books so far and that number is increasing every week.
This year’s program is slightly tougher than last year but these children/students are determined to reach their goal. These are some excerpts written by the children/students:
“The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan by C – The book is about “Someone stole Zeus’s master bolt and Zeus suspects Percy Jackson. Percy thinks it is Hades but it might not be. Percy is now on a quest to take back the master bolt and make even more stolen objects. C’s favorite part is when “Grover (a Satyr) accidentally runs into a tree when he is running away from a giant dog.”
“Flight School” by Lita Judge by A – The book is about “A penguin trying to fly.” A’s favorite part is “When he got to fly”.
“A Dandelion Wish” authored by Kiki Thorpe written by E – The book is about “When Gabby goes into Neverland on her own and Gabby and Mia’s dad fixes the fence board that is the portal to   Neverland. Gabby gets stuck in Neverland and a fairy gets stuck in the human world. E’s favorite part is “When Mia finds Gabby and the fairy returns home.
“The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss written by E – “The book was about the Once-ler telling a story about the Lorax and the truffula trees. The Once-ler gives the kid the last truffula seed to plant a forest of truffula trees. E’s favorite part is “how the Once-ler made a thneed.”
“Nancy’s Mysterious Letter”, Carolyn Keene author, written by W – The book is about “Nancy gets a letter and she finds Nancy Smith Drew”. W’s favorite part is “when Nancy gets the letter.”
“The Eye Book”, authored by Dr. Seuss, written by M – The books is about “a boy and a rabbit that are seeing things.” M’s favorite part is “Their eyes saw strings on rabbit ears.”
The Library had asked the children/students to write a short story to promote young authors before the end of the school year.
Our children/students are shy as we had received only one short story to be printed in the Chrisman Leader. Well, we now have another! This one is written by Ava and is entitled “The Lost Unicorn”.
“Once there was a unicorn. She was bright. Her name was Bree. One day Bree asked a lot of questions but one day she was looking for her parent’s and she got lost. And could not find her way home. She saw something reslling in the bushes. A dog popped out. She was scard. The dog said, I will not hurt you. Uh, will you? No, no. I lost my way, can you help. Ya, the dog said. Shure will.   Thank you. Your welcome. Let’s go. They went miel’s and miel’s and they looked and looked and they found them and they lived happy again. Yay”
The Chrisman Public Library is thrilled to print another young budding author’s story! We are certain there are others! If you don’t have a form, we have plenty in the Library.

Planes – Amy Shields – AR Level 2.8
Spot Goes to the Park – Eric Hill – AR Level 2.4
Dear Zoo: a lift-the-flap book – Rod Campbell
The Runaway Bunny – Margaret Wise Brown – AR Level 2.7
Doggies: A counting and barking book – Sandra Boynton

The Silver Chair – C.S. Lewis

One Summer – David Baldacci
I’ve Got My Eyes on You – Mary Higgins Clark
Vendetta – Iris Johansen
If Not for You – Debbie Macomber
Need To Know – Fern Michaels
Zoo – James Patterson
The Recipe Box – Viola Shipman – Select Editions, Vol. 223, April 2021
The Lieutenant’s Nurse – Sara Ackerman – Select Editions, Vol. 223, April 2021